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Welcome to our website.

Been There Done That is a recently set up social raiding guild with their main focus on Cataclysm endgame raiding.

Who are we?.

Been There Done That is a guild set up by a group of friends who were already active in the various raids in cataclysm but we wanted to play together and to achieve that we all moved to the same realm and there Been There Done That was born. We are planning on becoming a guild that will go head on with every raid Blizzard throws at us but in the meanwhile we don't want to be all to hardcore meaning we will take our raids serious but also have a really good social side when we are not raiding.

Do the Been There Done That still raid old content for mounts and Achievements?.

The answer to that is quite simple,... yes!, we will still raid old content outside of the main raid day's to get achievements and or mounts/titles or whatever it will bring us.

What does Been There Done That expect from their raid members?.

We expect from our raiding members that they:
- They have their BIS items enchanted and gemmed with the best possible enchants and gems there are for that specific item it may cost a bit but it helps the whole guild out in the end.

- They have seen the fights and know the global tacts of the raid we are doing that day so the raidleader does not have to explain it all which takes away precious raiding time.

- They come with flasks and raidfood they need for their class.

-  They sign up for a raid they know they have to stay from the start tilll the end of a raid even if we wipe on a progress boss or whatever.

- They have a good sense of humor and bring a good mood to the raid.

This in global is who we are and what we want to see, for more info go to our forum and check the rest or apply to join our guild.


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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Tashoiseenbeest, May 15, 11 12:52 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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